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Welcome to Monroe-Noxen Medical Center

In 1969, Dr. Lester Saidman, who had a long established and very busy practice in Noxen, began plans to relocate to Kingston. Concerned about where his patients would have access to health care, Dr. Saidman was instrumental in the development of Rural Health Corporation at Noxen. In January, 1971, the Harvey’s Lake-Noxen Center opened in the offices which had formerly housed Dr. Saidman’s private practice. In January 1972, the Harvey’s Lake-Noxen Dental Center opened.

Dr. Saidman remained very involved with the health needs of his former patients and served as RHC’s Medical Director for a number of years. Highly respected by the Noxen community long after his departure, Dr. Saidman persuaded a local landowner to sell to RHC property located about one and one-half miles from the original site. Construction of a facility followed, and in October, 1977 the new Monroe-Noxen Health Center opened.

Monroe-Noxen Medical Center

2888 SR 29 S
Monroe Twp, PA 18636
Fax: 570-298-2148

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